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What would a typical Mobile Text command to USF FCU look like? What would a typical response look like?

Please note that the actual formatting (including line breaks, word wrapping, and other formatting considerations) are dependent upon the display of your mobile device. The following examples are merely displayed to show the content and possible formatting of the message:

Example 1: I want to get my balance for all of my accounts via Mobile Text

Command: USF B

Expected Response:

From: 86020


S00: $1004.34

S01: $12,345.09

S16: $281.45


Example 2: Get recent transactions for my accounts

Command: USF H

Expected Response:

From: 86020


07/16 S16 ($10.23) FRESH MART

07/15 S16 ($50.00) CHECK #701

07/14 S00 $46.87 Share Deposit

07/14 S16 $210.54 Share Deposit

07/12 L20 $325.00 Payment


Example 3: Transfer $400 from Checking (S16) to Savings (S00)

Command: USF X S16 S00 400

Expected Response:

From: 86020

Transfer of $400 from S16 to S00 completed.

New balances:

S16: $368.23

S00: $12,295.67

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