Schedule of Fees

Effective 3/30/2023

Account Fees
Bad Address $5.00 per month
Business Checking Bulk Deposits - 30 items or more $4.50
Business Checking Cash Service Fee $5.00 per order

Business Checking Monthly Service Charge

*Waived if average daily balance is > $2,500

Check Copies $2.00
Collection Items Determined by receiving institution

Overdraw Fees:

     Convenience Pay - Item $5.00 or less

     Convenience Pay - Item $5.01 or more

     Overdrawn Debit





Dormant Account under $300 (inactive 12 months) $10.00 per month
Escheatment Fee up to $50.00
IRA Rollover Transfer Fee $40.00

Monthly Paper Statement Fee (eStatements are free)

*Waived for members under 18 and over 65


Monthly Savings Fee

*Applies if 25 or older, no loan and aggregate average daily balance of all share accounts is <$300

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) per item $29.00
Overdraft Transfer Fee $4.00 per occurrence
Overdraft Transfer from Line of Credit No Charge
Returned Deposit Item Fee (Check or ACH) $29.00
Stop Payment $29.00

Temporary Checks (8 checks)

*Free with check reorder

Uncollected Funds $29.00

Late Payment Fee - Auto and personal loans only $30.00
Loan Skip-a-Pay $35.00
Returned Loan Payment $29.00
Visa Monthly Paper Statement Fee $1.25
* Consumer loans only. For applicable Credit Card fees, please refer to the Credit Card disclosure on our website. Applicable home
loan fees will be provided at the time of application.

Check Cashing for Non-Members $5.00 per check
Coin Fee for Non-Members 10% of processed coin
Interim Statement $2.00
Levy/Garnishment $50.00
Money Orders (Maximum value $1,000)

     Shared Branch Members



Official Checks

     Shared Branch Members



Notary Service

     Shared Branch & Non-Members

No Charge


Research/Reconciliation Fee $20.00/hour
Statement Copy $1.25


ATM Withdrawal Fee

     USF FCU or Surcharge-Free Network ATMs
     At non-proprietary or designated (Foreign) ATMs


No Charge

ATM Balance Inquiry Fee

     USF FCU or Surcharge-Free Network ATMs
     At non-proprietary or designated (Foreign) ATMs


No Charge

Non-member transactions $2.50
Card Replacement/Capture Fee $10.00
Expedited Card Delivery Fee Varies
Foreign Transaction Fee Up to 1.00% of U.S. transaction amount

Wire Transfers
Incoming Wires $10.00
International Wire Trace $25.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer - Domestic $20.00
Outgoing Wire Transfer - International $60.00

Safe Deposit Box
$10.00 refundable key deposit on each box
3x5 $30.00 per year
3x10 $50.00 per year
5x10 $65.00 per year
10x10 $90.00 per year

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