If friendly, efficient, hands-on service is what you’re looking for, you’ll find it at USF Federal Credit Union. We’ll help simplify your life with convenient ways to get your banking done.

ATM and Debit Cards

Enjoy access to 30,000 fee-free ATMs along with convenient cash access and secure purchasing power everywhere Visa® is accepted worldwide.

Traveling Overseas?

Call us to ensure that you do not experience interruptions to your service. Please notify us when you are traveling overseas.

Fraud Monitoring

USF Federal Credit Union utilizes the latest technologies to protect your account. We monitor transaction activity 24/7/365 to deter fraudulent activity before it occurs. When unusual activity occurs on certain accounts, our fraud analyst may temporarily suspend transactions and place a call to our cardholders asking to verify the transactions. The fraud analyst will NEVER ask you for your full social security number.

Verified by Visa

To ensure additional protection against fraud, we are a part of the Verified by Visa program. Learn more here. 

Visa Checkout

Enroll your USF FCU debit or credit card in Visa Checkout for quick, convenient and secure payments when shopping online. Learn more here.

Report lost or stolen debit cards

To report your Visa® debit card lost or stolen, please call 888.241.2440 within the U.S. or 909.941.1398 outside the U.S.

Convenience Pay

Have you ever had a check returned due to insufficient funds? You’re not alone. The experience can be costly, inconvenient, embarrassing and end up clouding your financial picture. That’s why we provide Convenience Pay, our standard overdraft service for USF Federal Credit Union members. It adds a measure of protection to your checking account — and you’ve got one less thing to worry about.

Convenience Pay may cover your insufficient fund amount, up to $750, with one fee per covered overdraft transaction. Convenience Pay covers overdrafts on checks, other transactions using your checking account number and automatic bill payments. So instead of returning an item because of insufficient funds, USF FCU may pay it for you, saving you additional collection charges. We extend this service to account holders over age 21, with a valid SSN and email address, in good standing and whose accounts have been open for 90 days. 

Convenience Pay Plus extends overdraft coverage to ATM and everyday debit card transactions.  To enroll in Convenience Pay Plus, login to online banking, click on the Convenience Pay Plus banner ad and follow the instructions.  You may also complete the Opt-In form linked below and fax or bring to a branch.

Payment by the Credit Union is a discretionary courtesy and not a right of the member or an obligation of the Credit Union. The Credit Union in its sole and absolute discretion can cease paying overdrafts at any time without prior notice of reason or cause. Keep in mind that we also offer overdraft protection plans that may be less expensive, such as a transfer from another account or a line of credit.

Convenience Pay Program Details

Convenience Pay FAQs

Convenience Pay Plus Opt-In Form

Direct Deposit

Get faster access to your money and save a trip (we love seeing you, but we know you’re busy). Just direct your company or organization to send money to your savings or checking account. Direct Deposit is quick, easy and secure — so why wait?

Routing Transit Number: 263183159

To find your 13 digit checking account MICR number, for direct deposit, you can refer to the bottom of your checks or the "Services" tab within online banking.

Loan Skip-a-Pay 

Life happens, we get it.  If an unexpected expense arises, you can free up cash flow by taking advantage of our Skip-a-Pay option.  For a service fee, you can skip your monthly payment on an eligible loan up to two times per year.  To skip a payment on an eligible loan, log into Online Banking, click on the "Services" tab and then select "Skip a Loan Payment".  Funds to pay the service fee must be available in your savings or checking account. Please schedule your Skip-a-Pay at least five business days prior to your due date.

Loans eligible for Skip-a-Pay:

  • Personal (term) loans
  • Vehicle loans (DrivingSense loans not eligible)
  • Motorcycle, boat and RV loans

Eligibility Criteria for Skip-a-Pay:

  • All share and loan accounts must be in good standing
  • Must have a valid physical and email address on file
  • Must have made 4 consecutive on-time payments on loan
  • Maximum of 2 Skip-a-Pay, per loan, per calendar year

Other eligibility criteria may apply.  Eligible loans will be displayed within Skip-a-Pay feature in Online Banking. Skip-a-Pay will defer your loan payment, and may extend the original term of the loan and increase the amount of interest paid over the life of the loan.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Enjoy the security and protection of your own private vault at USF Federal Credit Union. We offer safety deposit boxes in a variety of sizes to keep your important papers and valuables safe.

3x5     $30 / year
3x10   $50 / year
5x10   $65 / year
10x10 $90 / year

Plus a $10 refundable key deposit on each box.

Wire Transfers

For your convenience, USF Federal Credit Union offers wire transfers. Visit any branch location or call 813.569.2000 and a representative will help you wire funds to an account at another credit union or bank.

To receive an incoming wire transfer, please provide the following instructions to sender:

Step 1
Funds are to be sent to:

Routing # 2631-8315-9
USF Federal Credit Union
13302 USF Palm Drive
Tampa, FL 33612

Step 2
For Final Credit to:

Member’s Name*
Member’s Address*
Member’s Account Number*

Step 3
Any special handling instructions 



Please refer to our current fee schedule for any fees associated with incoming or outgoing wires.

Some International Financial Institutions request a SWIFT code, however it is not required.  USF FCU does not have a Swift Code, IBAN or other international routing code for wires. International wire transfers can be processed without a SWIFT and can be completed using the Receiving Institution’s complete address. For international wire transfers, the sending financial institution will need to use a correspondent bank in the U.S, which will forward the funds to USF FCU.

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