Bill Pay

Like pulling off a bandage, paying bills is no fun — make it as quick and painless as possible with our free Bill Pay service (for checking accounts only). Bill Pay is available through online and mobile banking, but in order to use Bill Pay in the mobile app, you must first enroll and accept the agreement in online banking.

Bill Pay features:

  • Schedule one-time or automatic recurring payments
  • Retain payment information for each of your payees, making future payments a breeze
  • Receive bills electronically with eBill. eBill will automatically upload payment amounts to your Online Bill Pay account. Confirm the payment amount and date, click pay — done deal!
  • FI to FI Transfer - Transfer money to accounts you have at other financial institutions
  • P2P Payments - Securely send money to family or friends using just their email address
  • Expedite payments when necessary; your payment will be credited to the payee’s account within the next business day

Click here to view Bill Pay demo

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