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Just wanted to say thank you so much for getting me my replacement debit card so quickly! This mama will be able to play Santa much easier now! One more reason I love banking with you, and working for this company! 

Melissa G.

My wife and I were working through some of our finances recently and reflected on what an important part the credit union has played in our recovery from some serious financial issues.

I have been a member of the credit union now for well over 25 years; financing cars, homes. credit cards and personal loans with the credit union. I trusted my mother nest egg with you because I knew she would be treated well. I have been fortunate for the majority of that time to have a very successful career and a very strong financial foundation. But it is in the challenging times you find out who your real partners are and I’m glad to say USF FCU has been one of those.

I was hit with a perfect storm of issues including loss of a job, a serious medical issue and the additional hardship of my former home (now a rental property) that turned into an anchor because of bad tenants and the inability to rent the property for close to a year. Luckily I had lived within my means, my wife continued to have a great job and we had put away money for a rainy day. But even with those safeguards we found ourselves in deep financial distress. We were steadfast that we would not default on any of our obligations and would pay all of our bills. With that said, all of the financial issues I stated above made it very challenging. It did cause us to be late on several bills including some of those to the credit union. With hard work, determination and some better luck I recovered from my serious health issues, return to the workforce with a great job and was able to get an offer to sell the rental property but at a loss.

This is where the credit union came in, and even though we had not defaulted our bills many financial institutions would’ve looked at just a credit score and walked away from us in our time of the greatest need. The credit union embraced us and worked with us to restructure our debt, allowing me to sell my rental property and giving us a roadmap to recovery. I especially want to thank Bruce Koehler and Michele Nichols for not only your understanding, but a great amount of effort. Michele worked tirelessly to find a way to make this work even so far as communicating with me on a holiday weekend.

And now we’ve been able to make tremendous progress on our recovery. We're still digging out but we are knocking down our bills and my credit continues to get stronger every month. Barring any unforeseen issues, we should be fully out of debt in the next 24 to 36 months.

Alan V.

Michele, I want to thank you again for your help, guidance, and care that led to an honest and excellent mortgage loan experience! We couldn’t have done it this quick and smoothly without your help and expertise! 

Asela S.

Nick, I just wanted to express my thanks on a seamless loan transaction. It took 3 days from initiating my car loan until funds were deposited into my saving account at USFFCU. …We do get busy and forget to thank those that make our jobs easier with your help.

Lisa A.

I just wanted to say that I truly appreciate the great customer service that this credit union provides. From my loan rep Christine Fonseca (especially amazing), to every person I have spoken to on the phone or interacted with online. You are always helpful, informative and professional. Keep up the awesome work!

Kimberly W.

You are truly an outstanding individual that took time to assist me every time I needed assistance, especially through this time of difficulty.  I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know.  Thanks again, Angie!

J. Paul

I recently applied for a loan to purchase a new truck.  I was fortunate to be assigned to Chad Mallo.  He has a true passion for his work...I have never been treated with such great customer service.  Chad showed care and guidance during the entire process.

Kurt S.

I have been a longstanding member and called in…Justin in the call center helped me and made my day.  He recognized my account, called me by name and treated me like I was known for years.  He did a great job and was splendid!

Brenda W.

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