Board of Directors

Dr. Rick Will     Dr. Scott Besley     Dr. Dwayne Smith    

Sandra Conway     Willie Stokes     Ron Bojalad  

Scott Brophy     Paula Manchester     Dr. Ronald Satterfield

Supervisory Committee

If you have any concerns that deal with integrity, accounting, internal controls or other auditing matters that involve USF Federal Credit Union, your Audit (Supervisory) Committee wants to hear from you. Please click here to contact the Audit Committee, or you may contact us by anonymous mail at: P.O. BOX 770634, Orlando, Florida 32837-0634.

Janene Culumber     Dr. Robert Bishop     Dr. Robin Ersing

Dr. Kofi Glover     Eric Hunter

CARE Committee

The Charitable and Relief Engagement (CARE) Committee is a standing committee of the Board of Directors of USF Federal Credit Union. Its primary purpose is to facilitate USF FCU’s implementation of the fundamental credit union philosophy of “members helping members” and of involvement with community needs.

Ron Bojalad     James Moore     Michael Conway     

Cheryl Brown, Sr. Rep     Laura Kondo     Dr. Rick Will         

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