Verified by Visa

The security of your purchases when using a USF Federal Credit Union card is our top priority. You’re always protected against unauthorized purchases made with your card. But now you can help prevent unauthorized purchases before they even happen. 

Verified by Visa is a service - exclusively for Visa cardholders - that offers you added safety when shopping online by helping ensure that only you can use your Visa card online. You simply create a unique password to confirm your identity.



Verified by Visa is a service that lets you shop online with added confidence. Through a simple checkout process, Verified by Visa confirms your identity when you make purchases at participating online stores. It’s convenient, and it works with your existing Visa card.

Plus, Verified by Visa is a snap to use. You register your card just once, and create your own password. Then, when you make purchases at participating online stores, a Verified by Visa window appears. Simply enter your password and click submit. Your identity is verified and the purchase is secure. 

VbV Customer Service:
If you experience problems during registration or during the Verified by Visa process please call: 1-888-918-7490

What is Verified by Visa? What is this all about?
To help protect against internet fraud, many financial institutions such as yours are having their members register for this free service. By registering, you will ensure that no unauthorized online purchases are made on your credit card, and it only takes a few moments for registration. When you make an online purchase with a merchant who utilizes this feature, you will simply receive a Verified by Visa pop up window asking for your password, which you create during registration. Once you type in your password, the information is verified by Visa, and your transaction is completed.

How does it protect me? Isn’t it just giving yet another company my card number? 
Because you are registering directly with Visa, you can be assured that you are not releasing your card information to an outside agency. 

What happens if someone else tries to use my card number?
In order to complete the transaction, a person would be required to also know your password, because the Verified by Visa pop up window would appear for verification purposes. Otherwise, the merchant does not receive an authorization for the transaction, and the sale simply does not occur. With a merchant who does not use Verified by Visa, unfortunately, the greater the chance is that your card number may be used fraudulently. When you see the Verified by Visa logo at an online merchant’s site, you are assured that your transaction will be secure. 

How do I know that the pop up window at a merchant is really for Visa, and not someone trying to get my password information?  
For Forced Enrollment: (IE, at time of purchase) 
After your initial registration, you will be able to create a Personal Assurance Message that will display in the Verified by Visa Pop up window whenever you make future purchases at participating merchants. This message lets you know you are connected to Visa via a secure channel.

For Standard Enrollment: (when member enrolls at their leisure on the visa site). 
You will create a Personal Assurance Message during registration that will display in the Verified by Visa Pop up window whenever you make a purchase at participating merchants. This message lets you know you are connected to Visa via a secure channel. 

When I enter my Visa card number, and personal information, on this site, how does Visa protect me? 
Visa takes extensive precautions to secure personal and financial information, and only uses it for the purposes of providing the Verified by Visa service. Visa does not use or disclose any cardholder information entered on this site for any other purpose. Visa wants the member to be assured that their information is properly safeguarded. Credit and debit card information is transmitted using a high level of encryption, and is stored on a secure server behind a firewall to protect against unauthorized access. 

How does Verified by Visa work? 
Verified by Visa is quick and easy to use. Once registered, when a member makes a purchase at a participating online store their personalized Verified by Visa window appears. First, have the member look for their Personal Assurance Message. Then, enter their Password, click submit. The member’s identity is verified, and the transaction is completed. In stores that are not yet participating in Verified by Visa, the Visa card will continue to work as usual. 

Where can I shop using Verified by Visa? 
Once registered for Verified by Visa, the member’s card number is recognized whenever they purchase at participating online stores. Many online merchants are already a part of Verified by Visa, and more merchants are signing up every day! Have the member look for the Verified by Visa symbol displayed at participating online stores. 

Will I need to apply for a new card to use Verified by Visa? 
No. All existing Visa Credit and Debit cards may be registered for Verified by Visa. 

Do I have to pay for Verified by Visa? 
No. Verified by Visa is free of charge! 

How do I know if a member is signed up for Verified by Visa? 
You can enter the member’s credit card number and name in the Administrator Tool. 

What happens when my Visa card expires? 
There is no need to re-register for Verified by Visa - the current password is still valid. 

What happens if I cancel or lose my Visa card and then get a new one with a different account number?
The member would need to register the new card for Verified by Visa at this time. In the near future, the password will automatically transfer to the new account number.

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