Since 2017, we've helped our members save more than $36.7 million*!

We love saving money for members like you. Here are some ways we can help you save money, too.

  • Refinance your auto to lower your monthly payment or interest rate (or both).
  • Consolidate higher rate debt into a low-rate personal loan.
  • Refinance your mortgage at a lower interest rate.
  • Save on financing your home with competitively low closing costs.
  • Transfer balances from higher rate credit cards.
  • Finance home improvements with a home equity loan or HELOC.

“I have been a member for so long and can't tell you how much they have helped me with purchasing a car or refinancing my house. Even when I didn't think I could get a loan, USF FCU was there for me. They are very professional and they care about me as a person!”
Shannon T.

"I had my original car loan done at the dealership. I had a conversation with Tina a few days after and she was able to refinance my loan and reduced my monthly payment by more than $200. My interest rate was also significantly reduced by 2.50%. Her customer service and level of professionalism was great! I just had a great overall experience and thought this needed to be shared."
Vern T.

 "I want to thank you again for your help, guidance, and care that led to an honest and excellent mortgage loan experience! We couldn't have done it this quick and smoothly without your help and expertise!"
Asela S.

*Member savings are calculated using the life-of-loan reduction in interest or monthly payment savings for real estate loans refinanced with USF FCU and consumer loans including auto loan refinancing, debt consolidation and credit card balance transfers. Savings vary by member and individual circumstances and are meant for example purposes only.

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