PPP Updates

The new COVID-19 Relief Bill includes $284 Billion in PPP funding to help small businesses navigate through financial hardships. We have been watching closely as the SBA has made the ability to submit applications available in waves. The SBA portal is now open for our credit union and we are accepting online applications for both first and second draw borrowers.

Ready to get started? Apply now in 3 easy steps.

Be sure to refer to our Borrower Resource Page for helpful resources on document collection, form submissions, and timelines in order to help you complete your application quickly and accurately. 

A NOTE ON OUR PROCESS: We will work the applications in the order that they are received; however, please understand that this may take several days depending on volume. Applications will be assigned to an individual Loan Officer who will reach out to you directly to let you know that your application is being worked and any next steps required. We greatly appreciate your patience as we navigate through anticipated high volumes of applications.




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