Does the thought of pulling into your private garage, custom painting your walls, letting your dog play in your own backyard and saying “See ya” to your noisy neighbor living above you, make you sigh with relief?

Before you make the leap into the world of home ownership, check out this graphic along with the information found in our mortgage center. 

Mortgage Center

BENEFITS OF BUYING  1 . Rent continues to increase  2. Possible Tax Benefits - deduct PMI,  mortgage interest & property taxes*  GETTING PRE-QUALIFIED  • Monthly house payment should be  28%-30% of your total monthly gross  income (before taxes)  • Total monthly debt (including house  payment) should be 43% or less of  gross income  WHAT MAKES UP YOUR MONTHLY PAYMENT Principal, Interest, Real Estate Taxes and  required Insurances (PITI)  MONTHLY MORTGAGE PAYMENT  TYPES OF INSURANCE:  Flood, Windstorm & Property  DOWN PAYMENT  COULD BE AS LOW AS 3%  OF PURCHASE PRICE  CLOSING COSTS  Between 2% — 5% of the purchase price  of the home" including misc fees  (like application, survey, and  title search fees etc).  BUDGET  Possible items to budget beyond what you  spend in an apartment: Private Mortgage  Insurance (PMI) if down payment is less  than 20% and any association fees. Consult with your tax advisor" Lower for large loans


Membership Required. Annual Percentage Rate, based upon applicant’s credit score, range between 3.75% to 6%. A 30 year loan, principal and interest, monthly payments of $514.14 for $100,000 borrowed at 4.625% (4.78% APR). Subject to credit approval.

We do business in accordance with the Fair Housing Act and Equal Credit Opportunity Act

NMLS# 469322

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