Updates & Enhancements

Account dashboard view - Visa credit cardAccount dashboard view - Share certificates

Additional Account Details on Dashboard

The account listings have been enhanced on the Dashboard widget in the full online banking site and on the main, Accounts screen in the iPhone and Android apps. Now, the loan payment amount and due date display. (Previously, you had to click on your account and then select the Accounts Details tab). Also, the certificate maturity dates now display.


Account Analytics Tab

When you log into online banking and select one of your accounts, you should have a Transactions tab, Account Details tab, and Analytics tab. The Analytics tab was recently added, and it displays your balance history and spending over the past month, past three months, or past six months. Once you click on the Analytics tab, you will have a Balance History button and a Spending button.

The Balance History button displays a line chart of your running balance over different time periods. (The running balance of the last transaction for each day is used to plot the graph).






The Spending button displays a pie chart of spending categories over different time periods. For the Spending Breakdown to work, your transactions must be categorized within the Accounts widget.

You can quickly categorize transactions by selecting one of your accounts and clicking the Add a category button underneath the transaction. A list of pre-set, available categories will come up.

If your transaction fits into more than one category, you can click the Split button to separate the transaction by amount. If you would like to add or edit transaction categories, click the Manage button. You can always go back and change the category for a transaction.

Account dashboard view - Analytics tab balance history

Account dashboard view - Analytics tab spending

Android App - Biometric login

Android App – Biometric/Fingerprint Option

If you have a biometric-capable Android phone, you can now set up fingerprint login within the app Settings. To get started, log into the app, click the Settings widget, and then select the Fingerprint option. You can click the button to log in with your fingerprint or click “Add fingerprint” to set up the security option within your phone settings.

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