Diversity & Inclusion

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At USF Federal Credit Union, diversity and inclusion is ingrained in our core values. Our workforce is an extension of the members we serve. We take pride in listening to each individual and understand that it is those unique perspectives that continue to drive us forward.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new.” - Socrates

Over the years we have taken pride in our efforts to ensure that our organization was filled with talent; talent that includes all backgrounds. We understand, however, that we can do more. More listening, more inclusion and more growth.

There are many unheard voices in our society that forced us to take a step back and re-evaluate the commitment we have made to our employees and members alike. In order to do that we must listen to the very people we see each day within our organization and determine if we truly understand their pain. We have taken a deep dive and realized that it is not only about providing world-class service to our members, its determining what world-class means to everyone.

Today, there are people who endure insufferable consequences based solely on the color of their skin, sexual orientation, disability, age and socioeconomic status; this is unacceptable. We must work to continue building deeper relationships in order to truly recognize these inherent biases. It takes each one of us and we are fully committed to making this a reality. When our friends hurt, we all hurt.

We have established the employee resource group, “R.I.S.E.” (Raising visibility In a Safe space for Equality) which will work to bridge the gap between ignorance and knowledge. Through this employee driven initiative we will work with the community to enhance our awareness of social injustice, unconscious bias, and discrimination while simultaneously reinvigorating our workforce. We understand that black lives matter, and we are aware that all lives are precious; we must simply acknowledge the indisputable evidence that some of our friends have been targeted based solely on their skin-color.

Our greatest asset is our ability to understand one another without bias and we thank you for your continued support in these efforts. Together, we will RISE!

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