Send Money - Paybacks are a Breeze

Easily and securely send money to family, friends or a business through our mobile app with Send Money, powered by PayPal.  All you need is the email or phone number associated with their PayPal account.


Let's Get Started

1. Log into the USF FCU mobile app
2. Select "Send Money" from the menu or shortcut button
3. Choose which account you want to use for your payment
4. Enter the dollar amount you want to send
5. Enter the recipient's email address or mobile phone number and name
6. Add a memo - perhaps what the money/payment is for (optional)
7. Select whether you are sending money to friends or family, or paying for goods or services.
8. Tap "Submit"

That's it! The recipient will receive a text or email notifying them of your payment. If they already have a PayPal account, they will receive the funds immediately.  If not, they can open a PayPal account for free to claim their funds. 









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